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Made by Dyslexia reports email a top struggle for Dyslexia

Made By Dyslexia reports the top struggle for dyslexics is email...

Made by Dyslexia reports email a top struggle for Dyslexia

Made By Dyslexia reported that the top struggle for dyslexics is “Information overload, especially via email.” in their The Employ Dyslexia Guide.

This is not surprising as Dyslexia makes reading related tasks, like email, much harder and up to 25 % of working day can be spent on email! Yikes.

Because reading email is harder for people with Dyslexia or ADHD they can experience a lot of extra stress which has a detrimental impact on mental health (the leading cause of workplace absenteeism in the uk).

A lack of support with email means people with Dyslexia can get excluded from key conversations, miss important updates and suffer damaged relationships at work. In extreme cases this can lead to the loss of a job.

How can Sumrise help?

At Sumrise we know there is huge huge hidden potential in the neurodiverse workforce and we believe that if we can remove the barriers we can unlock that potential to create happier employees, more inclusive teams, improve employee retention and boost productivity.

That’s why we made Sumrise - a digital toolkit that customises email for Dyslexia & ADHD.

✅ Sumrise removes the barriers for Dyslexia & ADHD to unlock the potential of people who are neurodiverse at work.

✅ Sumrise auto-highlights important information summarises entire threads in one click, has custom Dyslexia fonts and more…(features page). This make email much more accessible and reduces the associated email-related stress people with Dyslexia or ADHD experience.

…and we're just getting started. Sumrise is continuously improving with updates 🙂

❤️ Want to get involved?

➡️ Individuals - Try Sumrise free via our website

➡️ Organisations - we're opening up Sumrise to select organisations for early access. If you'd like to be a part of shaping the future of accessibility technology you can get in touch to see if you could get early access to Sumrise for your organisation.

➡️ Charities - if you'd like to work with us you can get in touch  🙂 We're currently working with the brilliant team at Matthews Hub and are always happy to explore more collaboration.