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Tired but wired? Anxious or can’t sleep? …Hum

Wired ADHD hyperfocus keeping you up? hum and a few more yoga techniques...

Tired but wired? Anxious or can’t sleep? …Hum

Last night my ADHD hyperfocus kicked in - that meant I blinked, and it was 1 am. As I try and get up at 6.30 am, this sucks. Sleep is a huge productivity enhancer.

Maybe struggling to get to sleep sounds familiar (ADHD or not)?

Today, I found some useful yoga techniques to reduce anxiety and stress from Yogabody to help you destress and minimise that wired feeling.

  1. Hum in a low tone slowly for one breath - repeat 10 times. This is a yoga technique called ‘Bhramari’.
  2. Triangle breathing - breathe in, count to four, hold your breath, count to four, breathe out, count to four. Repeat this 10 times.
  3. Fingers in your ear and wiggle - sounds weird because it is, but it works. Put your index finger in your ear, put your thumb under your ear lob (outside of your ear) and make slow circles, 5 forward and 5 backward. You can do this with individual ears or one at a time!

Cool huh?

These tips work by stimulating your vagus nerve and your parasympathetic nervous system to help you destress automatically - a little like tickling makes you laugh (it makes me laugh anyway!).

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