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The stats:

At Sumrise, we exist to unlock the potential of neurodiverse people.

Our goal is to make digital accessibility tools that are:

  • Available to all employees in an organisation, so support is inclusive - not just available to employees who are diagnosed / happy to disclose their diagnosis, but those who share similar struggles too.
  • Affordable - accessibility tools should be affordable to be used ubiquitously.
  • Easy to discover  - we don't think end users or organisations should have to navigate a maze of tools just to find the ones that help.
  • Individualised - there are no one size fits all solutions - we believe the future of accessibility is tailoring the tools to our user’s unique needs, tools and workflows.


Three years ago, we began investigating how AI could make email more accessible for Dyslexia. 

We learnt that there was no silver bullet and built Sumrise - a toolkit that customises email for ADHD and Dyslexia, on Gmail. 

Since launching Sumrise, we have partnered with our first Digital Accessibility Champion - Matthew’s Hub - a charity supporting 1400 people with Autism, ADHD and Dyslexia in the East Riding & Humber.

We are now opening up early access to Sumrise to businesses and charities that are proactively supporting accessibility and investing in neurodiversity.


Our Digital Accessibility Champions will gain early access to Sumrise and help us shape the future of digital accessibility tools, starting with email (which can consume over 25% of the average person's week - McKinsey!) by working closely with us. 

We will co-design and improve Sumrise, working with end users and staff in organisations that become Digital Accessibility Champions.

Book a call with our CEO, Dileepa Ranawake, to find out how your organisation could become a digital accessibility champion and get early access to Sumrise on Microsoft Outlook.

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